Graduate Testimonials

Graduate Testimonials

The Clinical Studies Program prepared me for working on paying clientele by teaching a good way to keep records, stay organized, screen potential clients and always remain professional.

Teresa Pocius, CHAC Clinical Studies Graduate

When I went to interview for a job, I was hired on the spot. The owner of the shop said that my technique and professionalism were top-notch. The Clinical Studies Program was a wonderful experience.

Allyson Wong, CHAC Clinical Studies Graduate

I wonder whether or not (therapists) should be out there practicing massage without the supervised, hands-on practical experience and battery of knowledge a (Clinical Studies) Program provides.

Steve Stone, CHAC Clinical Studies Graduate

I feel grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the (Clinical Studies) Program. It’s a very professionally-run program with high expectations for (the students) – but it’s for their benefit!!.

James M. Acresti, CHAC Clinical Studies Graduate

The (Clinical Studies) Program really was a great experience for me. It lead me directly into the world, confident and prepared.

Ashleigh Dyan Bayer, CHAC Clinical Studies Graduate

The program has made a big difference in the way I value my ability and helped me better prepare for a real paying job as a therapist.

Jill Coscarelli, CHAC Clinical Studies Graduate

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