5 Job Interview Mistakes to Ensure You Don’t Get The Job

This is it. Your hard work of applying for jobs is moving in the right direction but in order to leaving a lasting impression on the interviewer, you will need to focus your attention on the following 5 job interview mistakes that will surely jeopardize your opportunity to land the perfect gig:

#1 Forget to bring a copy of your resume

If you’re looking to show how unprepared you are, then be sure to leave your resume at home. The interviewer doesn’t need it because they most likely already have it when you first applied. It’s mainly for the candidate to quickly reference your skills, experience and education.

#2 Dress casual for the occasion

You would be surprised how many people forget the importance of dressing “appropriately” for an interview – no matter what the position is. This is the first chance you will have to making a good and lasting impression on the interviewer. If you’re a gal, consider a business suit or dress. If you’re a dude, then the obvious thing to do is go for a men’s suit or at the very least, solid colored pants, dress shirt and tie if appropriate.

#3 Lose track of time and show up 30 minutes late

This is a big no-no. I don’t remember any candidate where was hired when the first thing they did at the interview was show up late and without prior notice. The rule of thumb is to be there about 10 minutes prior to your interview. Account for any traffic or delays getting to the job location. A good idea is to take a drive there a few days before to gauge how long the commute will be and to prepare yourself for any unexpected delays.

#4 Chewing a pack of hubba bubba gum

Common sense tells me to avoid this at all costs. A mint is ok but please don’t step foot into the interview chewing gum or eating any hard candy. Discard it before meeting with the interviewer. Besides, it’s a lot easier talking when you’re mouth is empty.

#5 Don’t ask the interviewer any questions

Overlooking the importance of asking questions to the interviewer will almost guarantee that you won’t get the job. Why? Because asking questions shows that you, the candidate, is showing interest in the company and you are paying attention to what was discussed for the requirements of the position. Focus on open-ended questions and not just yes/no questions. This will help set you apart from the competition and put you in a better position to get the job.

So the next time you have an opportunity for a job interview, better prepare yourself and keep the above-mentioned things in mind in order to land your next job.

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