Become a Pharmacy Technician Through Affordable Courses

Attending a traditional university may not be useful or even practical for many students currently seeking an education, or attempting to build a career in their desired field. At the California Healing Arts College, we provide an alternative with high quality courses in a variety of health and wellness occupations including pharmacy technician, dental assistant, or pharmacy technician for Los Angeles area residents looking to build new careers.

A career as a pharmacy technician in Los Angeles is currently one of the hottest and most in demand jobs on the market do in no small part to the aging baby boomer population. Pharmacy technicians are tasked with helping ensure any and all medications are filled out correctly with an emphasis on attention to detail, and must assists in any measuring, mixing, and labeling. Technicians are critical for a smoothly running pharmacy, and require topnotch training and education like that of the courses provided by California Healing Arts College.

Though we believe in high quality instruction from the most qualified experts at the California Healing Arts College, we also believe in providing the education students need for rich and fulfilling futures without tacking on suffocating debt. To remain viable even for students on a budget, our tuition is competitively priced, and our institution offers Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs to support students of any financial background. Whether pursuing occupations as a medical assistant, personal trainer, or operating room technician, our students find the training and instruction the need at California Healing Arts Center to remain competitive.