Begin a Lucrative Career as a Medical Assistant Today

At the California Healing Arts college, one of our founding principles is to provide you with high quality education and training to give you the tools you need to succeed in a competitive job market. With no shortage of employment opportunities to choose from, we dedicate our focus on health and wellness to help anyone interested in the related fields gain the edge with comprehensive yet affordable courses ranging from instruction as a dental assistant, personal trainer, pharmacy technician, or administrative medical assistant.

As a student of our medical assistant school, participants will learn the ins and out of a variety of relevant material from office management to physiology to anatomy. Medical assistants must be carefully trained by a committed group of experienced instructors such as our highly experienced team of instructors at CHAC. Gaining an understanding of pharmaceutical principles, having a drive to help others, and being able operating in a fast-paced and professional environment are all part of what it takes to succeed as a medical assistant.

The California Healing Arts college believes that gaining the tools for success shouldn’t come at the cost of crippling debt. We are an ACCSC accredited institution that provides Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs to help provide ensure we remain an affordable and viable option for anyone looking to build a new, exciting, and lucrative career. Whether you want to become a veterinary assistant or are interested in massage therapy classes, California Healing Arts College is your ticket to success.