Personal Trainer Offers More Than Fitness Regimens

personal trainer
personal trainer

When Christopher Brady was working as a personal trainer, both at Bally Total Fitness and Lifetime Fitness, he found himself helping clients with a lot more than just physical fitness.

“I would sit down with them and together we would come up with a game plan of what we were trying to achieve, incorporating nutrition, chronic health issues and other aspects of their lifestyle,” he said.

It was a way of doing business that led Brady to launch Complete Body Balance, his Winnetka-based health, wellness and nutrition clinic that opened three weeks ago.

Brady, who holds a degree in nutrition from Benedictine University, as well as certifications as a corrective exercise specialist and a fitness and nutrition specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, sees a variety of clients from high school athletes seeking sports nutrition to adults who want to improve sleep and energy, decrease body fat, prevent injury, lose weight, feel more toned and manage chronic illnesses.

“My passion for this is to get people to never have to go on a diet again,” said Brady, who is also employed by Lifetime Academy as a fitness educator. “This is about educating clients on how their bodies react to certain foods so they have control over what they eat.”

Using the Biosignature Program that was developed by world renowned strength coach, Charles Poliquin, Brady measures body fat and inflammation of 12 different sites on the body to determine vitamin and mineral deficiency, as well as hormone imbalances.

He then combines the results with his nutrition expertise to recommend certain nutritional changes, supplements and corrective exercise.

“Before I tried this on any clients, I used it on myself,” said Brady, who became a certified practitioner of Biosignature in 2012, and who lost 83 pounds last year, much of which he attributes to the program. “What I found out is that I needed to manage cortisol and insulin. It was throwing off my sleep, lowering my energy and making me depressed.”

Lauren Baker of Glenview is a former executive turned stay at home mom of three children. She said she met Brady two years ago at Lifetime, where they started implementing Biosignature.

“Every week he would meet with me and measure points on my body, and tell me what areas were inflamed,” said Baker. “Based on that, he’d tell me what to eat and drink, what to stay away from, and what supplements I should be taking.”

Baker said since she’s been a client of Brady’s, she’s gone off of sleep and antidepressant medications. She also no longer suffers from colitis, a condition she had for a few years.

“This is a way to balance the body through whole food nutrition so you don’t need a lot of medications,” Brady said. “I don’t want to replace your trainer, your Pilates instructor, or even your doctor. My goal is to enhance the positive things you’re getting from them.”

“He changes people’s lives,” Baker said. “He doesn’t just give you a diet plan, he helps you uncover the psychological aspects of when or why or what causes you to eat certain foods. I now know how to eat foods that make my body feel better.”