Receive a Valuable Education Without Crippling Debt

While it goes without saying that education is one of the most important resources a person can pursue, a four year university isn’t necessarily right for everyone. There are many other exciting academic options available that can lead to fulfilling careers that are both rewarding and lucrative. At the California Healing Arts College we specialize in providing courses and career training in a variety of occupations including massage therapist, pharmacy technician, and dental assistant.

Conveniently located across the South Bay Pavillion Mall, California Healing Arts College is a major center for healthcare career training in Carson, California. For over 25 years, California Healing Arts College has been committed to providing students with a stimulating and approachable learning environment that provides the tools for success in a competitive job market. In addition to topnotch instruction from highly qualified experts, our courses include on the job training as well as internships and externships in order to provide valuable experience along with education to give our students the edge they need for successful careers.

California Healing Arts College is a ACCSC accredited institution that participates in Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs includes Pell Grants, and Direct Federal Stafford and PLUS loans to ensure that our students will be able to receive valuable instruction no matter what the status of their financial background may be. Whether you’re interested in taking massage therapy classes, or becoming a personal trainer, at the California Healing Arts we’ll make sure you can follow your passion without taking on crippling debt.