Different breeds of dogs, cats need different care

  By Harold Reutter If the kids didn’t learn “All About Dogs and Cats” during Wednesday afternoon’s Kids College class, they still managed to pack away a whole lot of information provided by Dr. Melissa Girard-Lemons, a Grand Island veterinarian. They learned about cat and dog breeds, the “jobs” that human beings originally wanted […]

Pack more pay into your dental assistant paycheck

By Brianna Richardson, CDA, and Tanya Brown, DMD, FAGD Do you ever wish for more rewards from your career in dentistry? The good news is that there is huge potential in expanding your career and adding value to your patients and practice. You may have come across conversations that discuss compensation on many dental assisting forums […]

A Brief History of Sports Massage

To complement the article package, “Sports Massage,” in the July 2014 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: Sports massage is on the leading edge of therapies utilized by modern athletes, and it has a long and rich history. Sports massage is on the leading edge of therapies utilized by modern athletes, and it has a long and […]

Personal Trainer Offers More Than Fitness Regimens

When Christopher Brady was working as a personal trainer, both at Bally Total Fitness and Lifetime Fitness, he found himself helping clients with a lot more than just physical fitness. “I would sit down with them and together we would come up with a game plan of what we were trying to achieve, incorporating nutrition, […]

Massage Therapy Emerges as Frequent Second Career

CHAMPAIGN — Ask Tamala Everett who would benefit from getting a massage, and she asks, who wouldn’t? Her clients bring their stress and aches and pains — and she knows after a massage, they always leave feeling better. “Massage is good,” Everett says. “More people need to be getting them for mental and physical health.” […]

Self-Massage Techniques for Arms

Receiving a massage is a great way to work out soreness and stiffness in tired arms. However, you may find yourself in need of a massage but unable to fit one into your schedule. The good news is that you can perform a few simple massage moves on yourself to ease the aches in your […]

What It Will Take to Become a Professional Massage Therapist

Are you thinking of starting a new career as a professional massage therapist? Becoming a licensed massage therapist opens up a world of work opportunities. You can work for yourself with private clients, work in a hospital helping women cope with labor pains, or even work on a cruise ship. If you think massage therapy could […]